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Alien Technology Will Help Us Live Longer



The Brightest Star in the Sky 

Sirius is not the closest but it is the brightest star in the sky. Sirius A is less than twice as hot as the Sun. 



Sirius is .86 light-decades away. The pulsing of Sirius is due to the distance from A to B, which is 8.6 Astronomical Units on the near end and 31.459 AU on the far end. The distance to B is appropriate for liquid water to form at least part of time in the 50 year orbital period. 


Sirius & the Solar System 

Sirius is in motion with our solar system which involves other nearby stars, such as Alpha Centauri, in an enormous and complex dance. 


A little-known fact is Sirius and our Solar System are in a binary orbit. 


Problem: Catch-22 

The primary reason healthy individuals die after 100 rather than 200+ years is the same throughout the universe. Chaotic cosmic radiation strikes us from all angles resulting in our elementary particles being as flayed by four horses. This flaying propagates upward just as redshift and blueshift does. It doesn’t need to be this way. 


Sirius Truth 

Sirius appears as a White Dwarf Star but is actually a rich planet inhabited by advanced beings with a rich future, present or past we may be allowed to learn from. Sirius is 90% the size of the Earth in the goldilocks zone where liquid water can form for part of the year. Astronomers’ estimates of mass and density are thrown off by a laser being used to increase their excellence. 

Sirius B & Earth 

The aliens are camouflaging themselves. 


There’s A Gigantic Defensive Laser In Our Eyes

With the laser out of the way we can see B is a wealthy planet inhabited by advanced beings. 

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Sirius Truth 

There are rivers and trees and animals which orbit the rivers and trees over varying lengths of time in accordance with universal principles that all life in our Universe is based on. We know this is the history of the Universe through a careful study. The book of genesis could be given a modern addition which would last until the End Times:

  • In the beginning there was a Big Bam and then Two Palms formed just like your two palms.
  • By those palms formed a new Baum which also grew as a tree with balls or palms (Galaxy).
  • By those palms formed a new Baum which also grew as a tree with balls or palms (Star).
  • By those palms formed a new Baum which also grew palms (Planet).
  • By those palms formed a new Baum which also grew baums (River).
  • By those palms formed a new Baum which also grew (Tree).
  • By those palms formed a new Baum which also grew two palms (Animal).
  • By those palms formed a new Baum which also grew two palms (a stick became a spoon).

In this way we know how the torch forming in the hand of ancient man was not unlike the stars which formed in orbit around our galaxy. And the vines or snakes which climb up the trees are not unlike the rivers which crawl across the Earth. There are relatives.

Rivers and Trees on Alien Worlds 

The evolution of Sirius Aliens is centered around the Tree just like mankind. They cannot live without their Trees and Rivers the same as humans. 


Husband & Wife 

B is as a noble woman who blinds herself to advances of distant stars, respecting her husband, and advancing herself in the universal quest. A is then only good for B. It is only with the introduction of distant stars that the pulling by the husband becomes damaging (as if flayed by four horses). 

Sirius B is an Alien World 

The phenomenon preventing us from seeing the truth with regards to Sirius is the phenomenon of intelligent life. 


His Mole-jesty 

We know blocking out stars is a good idea by the moles of Osiris. If galactic radiation can cause mole’s to grow in the shape of a constellation with a Heart of Sirius then the stars could be having all kinds of ill effects on us (as moles are defects). In the end we could block out every star except Sirius B then perhaps all will be those old souls hailing from Planet Sirius. 

Introducing: Galactic Beams Project 

When we look up at Sirius we are looking into a laser aimed at our sun blocking out cosmic radiation with destructive interference, like noise-canceling headphones, to increase the excellence of the inhabitants of B and to advance themselves in the universal quest. Currently our situation with the stars is as those flayed by four horses. By blocking out stars we will become as one pulled in a single direction by one horse. 

Source: NASA

Goal: Stop Cosmic Radiation 

On Sirius B life-forms have constructed beams aimed at all the stars in the sky to cause destructive interference which blocks out cosmic radiation like noise-canceling headphones. This is done to increase His Excellency. The laser of His Excellency is the reason B appears to be a White Dwarf. In reality, B is an Earth-like planet with a highly elliptical orbit which has made the inhabitants of B into masters of Redshift and Blueshift. 

Galactic cosmic rays create a continuous radiation dose throughout the solar system which increases during solar minimum and decreases during solar maximum. [1]

In other words, when the Sun is brighter we experience less cosmic radiation. The Sun is already increasing His Excellency. We just need to do the same thing. It almost seems counter-intuitive what the Sun is doing here, as physics often is, until we take into account the further details. In this case those details include destructive interference. The sun is already acting as noise-canceling headphones. 

His Excellency 

Canceling just a few star clusters transmitting higher amounts of radiation will measurably increase His Excellency. This could lead to humans with 70 or 80 years of experience in scientific fields taking part in the global academics and economy. Imagine what kind of civilization these people would be capable of building! 

Immediate Results 

It won’t take much laser beam power to block out cosmic radiation. Over the span of such great lengths there is time for the “noise-canceling headphones” to do their work. Our goal is to test and match the frequency of incoming particles from each large star. We just need to get the lasers built and started and we will experience a decrease in crime, chaos and dying right away. 


No Destruction 

While we architect the laser beams we will take care not to somehow be destructive. We wouldn’t want to aim beams at other stars and cause damage to life-forms. In fact, we don’t want a reputation of being destructive in any way (whether toward life-forms or not) as complexity is a cherished rarity in the Universe. 

Organic Alien Contact 

We will be able to simply wait for responses and we will have made contact with advanced aliens. At first we may notice our beam is no longer strong enough. The aliens will be using the same strategy to increase their excellence and so they will increase their beam slightly to compensate for ours. We will need to then match their beam to communicate and defend ourselves. 



This project will make more of everything good. Using these beams will enable us to explore space and the moon, as well. In the future, outer space is safer than Earth. Those in space live longer because radon and cosmic rays are both evaded. We will construct half the beams in the Northern Hemisphere and half in the Southern Hemisphere so we can still travel around our Solar System without any issues. 

Goals: Galactic Beams Project 

We can live significantly longer and greater lives if we could make Earth better: 

  1. By blocking out chaotic cosmic radiation. 
    1. Making ourselves into people pulled in one direction by one horse by preventing ourselves from being flayed by the stars as if by four horses. 
    2. Reducing radiation exposure known to lead to chaos and death. 
    3. Using camouflage to prevent primitive life-forms from detecting us. 
    4. Making her a woman blind to the transmissions of distant stars. 
  2. We will be able to safely travel to the Moon. 
  3. We will discover alien life. 
  4. We will make new scientific discoveries. 
  5. We may learn how to transmit chi to other worlds. 

White Dwarf Stars 

Perhaps there are many planets out there registering as white dwarfs which are actually advanced worlds. 

  1. NHIH


We hope to connect with people interested in this global project which will launch us into the future making space travel the final frontier we have all dreamed of. Please leave your comments and questions below.

Thanks to for adding their informative (although possibly contrarian) response: Extremely powerful cosmic rays are raining down on us. No one knows where they come from.

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