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Genius Russian Boy Claims To Be From Mars



Boriska Kipriyanovich Reveals Details About Martians

A 23-year-old genius Russian boy has recently claimed that he was born on Mars and belongs to a now extinct Martian race. Read on to know more.

A young Russian Boy has left many scientists across the world baffled when he claimed to be from Mars. Boriska Kipriyanovich is a 23-year-old who lives in Volgograd in Russia. The boy who claims to be from Mars has alleged that he has lived on the red planet before being reborn on Earth on an apparent mission to save humankind. Here’s everything to know about Boriska Kipriyanovich, the boy who claims to be from Mars.

The boy who claims to be from Mars: Boriska Kipriyanovich

Boriska Kipriyanovich was born in 1996 and is the alleged genius boy from Mars. His mother is a doctor and claims that she always had a feeling that something about was special about the genius boy from Mars. Boriska Kipriyanovich’s mother has claimed in an interview given to a well-known media portal that he started speaking only a few months after he was born. 

She added that by the age of one and a half, he was able to read, draw, and paint. While Boriska Kipriyanovich was in kindergarten at the age of just two, his teachers couldn’t help but notice his extraordinary ability of writing and his language learning skills. In a 2017 interview given to a media portal, one of Boriska’s kindergarten teachers revealed that he had astonishing memory skills.

Boriska Kipriyanovich would talk about Mars for hours

Boriska Kipriyanovich’s parents have claimed that they didn’t teach their son anything about space when he was a kid. But, oftentimes he would sit with them and talk about Mars for hours. As his fascination with space and especially with the red planet grew, Boriska began claiming that he was from Mars. As per the reports of a media portal, the alleged genius boy from Mars has an impressive knowledge of planetary systems and space in general.

Boriska Kipriyanovich’s claims about Mars and the Martian race

‘The giant boy from Mars’ as dubbed by netizens is seven-feet tall. Boriska Kipriyanovich claims that he has been sent by the Martian race to save humans from succumbing to a nuclear war and destroying their race. He claims that his own race, which is the Martian race was virtually wiped out thousands of years ago due to nuclear warfare. The alleged genius boy from Mars has warned that if humans do not change the situation relating to the nuclear power struggle, they will soon meet the same fate as the Martians.

Moreover, Boris Kipriyanovich has also claimed that he is not the only child from outer space. There are many children like him who have been sent on the same mission from outer space. The boy also claimed that these children are reincarnations of the Martian Race and are called the “Indigo Children”. As per Boriska, there are a few more Martians who managed to survive the nuclear war and are still living on the red planet.

In a shocking claim, the boy has said that many Martians are immortals and stop ageing at 35 years old. As per him, they are all extremely tall and capable of interstellar travel. He said that he remembered what it was like to be 14 or 15 years old and the Martians were waging wars, hence, he would often have to participate in air raids with his friends. 

It has been claimed in some reports by media portals that Boriska is also a boy with 200 IQ. However, there is no official confirmation of this. As per Boriska Kipriyanovich’s claims, Martians could travel in time and space and would be flying around in spaceships. He has also claimed that Martian spaceships are very complicated.

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