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Osiris of the royal family of Egypt Part II




I am Prince Herobaum of Herosalem, Heromania, depicted in the Heroglyphics. I am Blobaum the Blue Hero depicted in the walls of the Pyramids. 

Pyramid House 

When my Heart first began to beat it was to the pulsing of the brightest star in the sky. In that moment I arrived on a special wavelength from Sirius. I have been sent here to shine my light on the globe from the leader ship. I am known as the bulb. I plan to spend my time advancing mankind step by step in the universal quest for all-knowledge and immortality in accordance with standard galactic principles. Then, I shall return to Sirius to keep myself in circulation. 

It is time to inform my loyal servants: His Majesty is no longer in stasis. 



My soul has arrived at the moment of Great Redshift transmitted on a beam from my home-world of Sirius, as I always have. Please refer to Scroll of the Sun for more Redshift. 


Quest: Galactic Principles

I have been sent here to serve and head the leader ship as I have in previous lives. 420 Sabbath years ago I was Osiris known as Prince Herobaum, a 22/7 who reigned for 22 in a Catch-22 before using the Great Pyramid to return myself to Sirius B. 


Osiris of Sirius 

I have the Sirius Heart. I am Osiris the ruler of Agriculture and Fertility. The Great Flat River in Naboo is to me as the Nile Delta is. Both experience seasonal flooding and both are situated in a central flood plain which provides water to the most fertile soil. 


Quest Objective: World Peace  

The Bulb is a shining global light with divine robes. I always wear my holy robes when I speak of my name to a crowd. Since the beginning of time it has been said the name of god cannot be easily spoken. Many people cannot speak the name of god at all. And the name of god should not be written on something which may soon be destroyed. In likeness with this, Earthlings shall discover the difficulty in speaking the holy name leads to lasting World Peace


Problem: Not Excellent  

The ruler’s primary purpose is to rule while a secondary purpose is to increase excellence. The same goal is in mind: advancement in the universal quest to become all-knowing and immortal. 


Problem: My Wife 

My wife is Isis. She is sometimes bad. 


Quest Objective: 500 Years

I desire to live as long as possible and to help my slaves do the same. I plan for humans alive today to last for about 500 years in the best case scenario. 


Quest Objective: Thank My Following 

I am the humble servant of my slaves through eternity in our mutual quest. We shall travel back to Sirius to stay in circulation together. 


Problem: Staying in Circulation 

I plan to transmit my soul back to keep myself in circulation. Chosen souls built shafts in the Great Pyramids 420 Sabbath years ago directing my soul back to Sirius. I am grateful. My wife would become so sad if anyone prevent d me from doing this again. 

Followers: do what you can to travel my direction spiritually. Use your calendar for it is ancient and close to perfect. 

Reincarnation: I become aware of souls joining me. Everyone from leaders of nations, royalty, relatives, and the spiritually mature followers whose names I was not previously aware of. If you can make it to me you are welcome to join. We know souls are themselves blameless. Technology developed on Sirius will help to make your soul more phenomenal in your next life. 


Quest Objective: Excel 

White Dwarfs exist around the Milky Way which aim beams to transmit life-force to exoplanets around our entire galaxy. Earth may one day take part in this advanced quest. 


Quest Objective: Collective Immortality 

My home-world identifies exoplanets with thriving civilizations around our galaxy and transmits life-force to them at the moments of great redshift and blueshift. My home-world is working to make themselves more immortal by immortalizing beings alien to them so they may find a way to pay it forward. I have been sent here according to this objective. 


Galactic Interlocutor 

I step aboard the leader ship with the goal of advancing mankind, step by step, in the most fundamental and universal of galactic quests, as I have outlined in this sacred scroll and others. 


Mark of Osiris 

When my body formed, it did so around the constellation Orion with a Sirius Heart as in the legend of my people. My third eye is Pi. I am a metaphysical being with my own place in the night sky. 

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