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Swastikas Found on Trail Near Nebraska University



Swastikas reportedly were found on the pavement of a bike trail near the University of Nebraska-Lincoln on May 28.

The Lincoln Journal Star reported that the swastikas were drawn in light-blue spray paint on the John Dietrich Trail, which had been spray-painted with various images. The trail is located east of the University of Nebraska-Lincoln’s City Campus.

There has been recent instances of swastikas in Lincoln. On May 26, 20 trees in Wilderness Park had been spray-painted with several images, including multiple swastikas. Wilderness Park is also located near the University of Nebraska-Lincoln; the university uses the park as a venue for outdoor classes.

In January, a swastika and the words “black shirt” — referencing Benito Mussolini’s Fascist Party uniforms — were spray-painted on the South Street Temple in Lincoln. A man was arrested for allegedly committing the vandalism in February.

Lincoln Mayor Leirion Gaylor Baird proposed an ordinance on May 28 that would ban any attempts to intimidate people based on their race, place of origin, gender or sexuality. Such offenses would result in a maximum jail sentence of six months and a $500 fine under the proposed ordinance.

“By adding this additional tool, we hope to demonstrate that hate has no home in Lincoln, and that every resident belongs here,” Gaylor Baird said in a statement.

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