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7 Reasons Why You Should Never Date An Australian



An Aussie would seem to score high if we’d ask everyone to describe a partner. A charming accent, tanned skin and wild probably blond hair, pretty blue eyes… and some of them are even loyal to their fellow countrymen. They just live so far away for most of us! I found a couple of more reasons why you shouldn’t bother dating anyway.

Here are the 7 reasons why you should never date an Aussie.

1. You’ll end up swearing just as much as him/her

Since you’ll discover that the words ‘yes’ and ‘no’ are boring, you’ll most likely start copying the Aussie slang for it to spice things up a little. Fuckin ‘aye it is!

2. His/her idea of fancy footwear is his good pair of thongs

A simple laid-back guy/sheila and he probably doesn’t own many fancy clothes. Oh, and the Aussies use the word ‘thongs’ for a pair of flip flops…

A pair of blue Australia day thongs

3. Every meal will be cooked on the barbie

She/he loves meat and his BBQ is a best friend. They can make a mean barbeque and the good thing is that you’ll never go hungry! However don’t expect too much healthy food, but simply always expect charcoaled meat. Lots and lots of meat and barbeque nights!

4. You’ll end up getting used to seeing everyone using Budgie Smugglers in public

Since they are confident enough to wear them all the time.

5. They want to hold hands everywhere

On the beach, in the shopping mall, at the park. Even in the taxi cab…

6. Way too adventurous

The heart of an Aussie is adventurous and so will your relationship be. Get to know some snakes and crocs and prepare to explore the Australian outback!

7. You will never, ever again think that Koalas are cute

After bringing too many visits to the Australian parks together you’ll soon realize that they are just lazy leaf-eating animals and you might even consider using the word ‘koala’ as a swear word when you want to get your Aussie off the couch. I mean for when the BBQ still hasn’t been turned on!

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