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The State Of Alien Affairs



I believe if Aliens make contact with the Earth one of the most important things will be to conceal from them how violent we are as best as we can. We have been transmitting radio frequencies and other signals in every direction through space for 100 years.

It has been believed since around WW2 this could lead to aliens discovering intelligent sentient beings on Earth and coming to check us out.

If the galaxy contains wise aliens then Earth has probably been on their radar for indeterminable lengths of time.

Aliens may have been somewhat poised, waiting for us to mature, for the past million years.  

The area around Earth our transmissions reached in the past 100 years contains numerous Earth-like planets.

These aliens would need spacecraft built with an understanding of the Universe far greater than ours to visit us any time soon.

At the current speed of human spacecraft travel, it would take an estimated 75,000 years to travel a mere four light years.

Astronomer Carl Sagan once estimated the galaxy probably contained 10,000 advanced civilizations.

Given the massive size of our galaxy it is likely that thriving aliens would also think very big, and very small.

It is believed that aliens would be on the same fundamental quest as turtles, birds, humans, and all the greatest life-forms which are at the top of the food chain and are therefore afforded some self-determination.

This most fundamental and universal of galactic quests is the quest for all-knowledge, immortality and total global domination.

Russian President Vladimir Putin is known as the Ruler of the Universe by Russians and people around the world.

This is not a title any President of the United States has ever claimed. 

Brave Putin is therefore closest to a leader who could be understood by such aliens. He is also going to be most able to understand the nature of a black hole.

Scientists have estimated that are at least 300 million planets with conditions similar to our own in the Milky Way galaxy.

Over 3 trillion galaxies are known to exist, unless our observations are the result of some unknown phenomena.

Some phenomena being behind our belief in the existence of 3 trillion galaxies is a real possibility given the power of the subject matter.

Every single star in the sky is in the Milky Way galaxy.

Our galaxy is a disk and yet we cannot easily tell how it goes. Stars above us and below us on the disk appear the same as any.

When we look up in the night sky we are nothing but a cat in a large box in an empty field with the lid closed.

Of the 3 trillion galaxies believed to exist only one can be seen with the naked eye and only on the darkest nights of the year.

Every time humanity invents a new device able to peer further into the blackness of space we find nothing in the tiny pixels except billions more galaxies.

Every square inch of the black sky contains billions of galaxies.

The largest galaxy known to exist is also the thing known to be most distant from us.  

The galaxies furthest away from us appear to be the largest.

Similar to nations the largest galaxies furthest away from us are also the ones most likely to be dangerous for us in any given interaction. 

In any given interaction the interaction with the largest of its kind is the most dangerous. 

In any given interaction the interaction with the most distant of its kind is the most dangerous.

The wise fundamentals of nationalism carry to astronomy, and apply to all things, in this way.

The galaxies, and respective black holes, most distant from us are responsible for the most extreme and somewhat dangerous elementary particles. 

Just think of how extreme those particles would need to be to make it all the way to our sensors. 

The black holes at the centers of all the galaxies may serve a role similar to that of the royal family, bringing together what is distant, and decreasing xenophobia.

The most distant largest galaxy in the universe has a large black hole which leads the intelligent beings in that galaxy to refrain from being xenophobic and hostile toward other galaxies.

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