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Original Babylonian Sabbath Day



The prophet Daniel sees a vision about the beasts coming up out of the sea

Sabbath day was originally designed to take place on the quarter turn of the moon. This helps man to avoid a supernatural cycle which was first identified in Babylon.

Women do not suffer this because they are possessed by the moon all the time. If the women had their way a week would be 6 days long instead of 7. Switching a 6 with a 7 is what we do to make 6 cycles of 14 in a Sabbath. G-d switches a 6 and a 7.

7 is the number of planets we can see moving in the sky. They are: the Moon, the Sun, Jupiter, Venus, Mars, Mercury and Saturn. However, a lunary cycle is 28 days so each quarter is also about 7.

These two 7s, along with many others, are where the Sabbath Day comes from. It is said G-d rests on 7. It is also true that we take the day off on the Sabbath to avoid bad luck.

On the Sabbath day the human male spirit is like a boomerang or some clown device which either curves upward or downward. You could say it’s like a trial. It’s either going to go your way or it isn’t and there isn’t anything in between. Staying at home and away from electronics on this day minimizes the chances of negative outcomes.

We can say men are possessed by the moon somehow about every 7th day on the 1/4 turn of the moon, yet it is actually every 6 to 9 days. The easiest way to start practicing the original Sabbath is to pay attention to the moon’s phases. The New, First Quarter, Full and Third Quarter moons are the days you want to observe the Sabbath. We know these are the days because (1) we have a record of supernatural events which correspond to these days (2) everyone knows the Full moon results in some public craziness and so one is already filled in and we just need to fill in the other 3 and finally (3) we also know, believe it or not, because of black holes.

Black holes seem to be black and white creatures like your grandpa. They cause the Universe to have black and white qualities that it wouldn’t have without them. There is a special quality of black holes which has to do with the concept of “1/4.” It is possibly that deep inside our moon, the Earth and other planets, that something special happens at right-angles. Astronomers named and have recorded these moments for a long time. To the layman is appears the astronomers are just “dorking out” by recording the right angles, however, the truth is that mysterious events occur at these times some of them planned by humans but others completely supernatural.

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