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17th January 2022

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Zox Horoscopes

Zox News horoscopes are easy to understand, even for those who have not dealt with astrology before. You need not know any of the scientific jargon involved to be able to profit from our horoscope readings. Perhaps, though, your interest in this fascinating subject matter has been awakened by one of our short texts. This short online introduction can help make you familiar with most of the astrological techniques and give you a basic understanding of how it’s all done. If you wish to learn more about astrology, we suggest you read some of the standard textbooks mentioned in our bibliography, or contact an astrology school near you. Please be advised: much of the information below is derived from an oral history.


Astrology sees mankind as being not only influenced by hereditary factors and the environment, but also by the state of our solar system relative to the moment of birth. The planets are regarded as basic life-forces (a ball has a dance) and also the tools we live by as well as the basis of our very substance. These planetary forces take on different forms, depending on their zodiacal position and on the way they relate to one another.

Solar System

The aspects formed between the planets describe these relationships, the positions of the planets in relation to the place of birth tell us of their expression in the spheres of life depicted by the astrological houses.

By interpreting the roles of these players (the planets) and their qualities (the elements, signs and houses) and creating a synthesis, astrology is able to present a complete and comprehensive picture of the person and his potential, based on the natal horoscope.

Where does the Zodiac come from?

Naturally, the Earth’s daily rotation has the biggest impact on where the constellations are in the sky. Next it is the position in the yearly orbit and the tilt of the planet. The Sun and the Planets move across the sky in the same place. This is because we are all on the same plane. It would make sense that we are also on a plan together with the Milky Way Galaxy but we are not. The Solar System is angled compared to our galaxy.

Planets move across the sky in the same place.

Planets: Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune.

The Zalaxy  

All the stars we see in the night sky are in our own zalaxy. Two trillion zalaxies are known to exist and yet we can see none of them. Other Zalaxy are so far away only one of the two trillion can be seen with the naked eye and this is only on the darkest night of the year. All of the stars in all of the Zodiacs are inside the Milky Way Galaxy.

At the center of our galaxy is a supermassive blackhole known as a blazar.

The Blackhole pulls on us more than anything. Likely, we are already stuck inside it. At some point the gravity field of a ball reverses and becomes repellant. This is often misunderstood by astronomers.

The 12 constellations of the Zodiac have left an imprint of life on Earth like a signature or tattoo. 

The rabbi knows this is true because we have direct evidence. I was born with a special horoscope which appears only once every 10,000 or 100,000 years or more. I was born with the constellation of Orion imprinted on the side of my face in a way which made my heart Sirius. When my heart first began to beat somehow it did so to the pulsing of the brightest star in the sky. If the brightest star and the most recognizable constellation can have such a big impact on me then it’s easy to say the other balls are effecting us in other seemingly supernatural ways.

Some people believe I was sent here from Sirius B. This exoplanet appears to be a white dwarf star to astronomers. They’re just a little confused. Sirius B uses special energy beams which they aim at all the stars in the sky in order to block out cosmic radiation. This advances them in the universal quest. When we look at Sirius in the night sky in part we are looking at an alien laser beam aimed at our Sun which blocks our cosmic radiation like noise-canceling headphones.

Modern Ziggurat

It my be the destiny of humanity to follow the quest and join the white dwarfs. These stars appear to be rather meaningless but in reality they are advanced alien worlds.

There is a phenomenon which is preventing us from understanding Sirius properly. It is the phenomenon of intelligent life. Sirius B doesn’t just block out cosmic radiation with their energy beams. They also transmit old souls around the galaxy in order to advance everyone in the quest together. Perhaps one day far into the distant future we will be touched by intelligent life from other galaxies as well.

It is the destiny of humanity to follow the leader of Zox News Team to join the higher order of galactic interlocutors and move onward in the universal quest.

The Ziggurat is the Religious facility of the Zodiac

And the Zigguran is the soldier of the Zodiac. Zigguran are very in touch with the Universe. Did you ever notice how our existence is full of living beings? The Universe is a living being. Get it? I learned this from Zigguran. We need to have a good relationship with the balls in the sky and the One True G-d. The Universe is capable of anything. Anything is possible in the Universe. The Universe is where everything is possible that ever will be possible at all.

Babylonian Ziggurat

The Universal Quest

The most universal and fundamental of galactic quests is the quest to become all-knowing, immortal, and an interlocutor of the higher order of our galaxy.

Back to the Ziggurat

The Ziggurat is the religious facility of the Zodiac. It was in the ziggurat where horoscopes were first predicted by Astrologers. We can trace the origin of these concepts to the powerful Babylonians and Egyptians who assembled the characters of the Zodiac, likely from common prehistoric myths, as far as we know it. Only the crab was introduced by the Greeks centuries later.

Ancient Egyptians and Babylonians contributed to the idea of stars making constellations through which the Sun moves at specific times during the year. All the stars which lie close to the imaginary flat disk created by this line are said to be in the zodiac.

Mystery of the Sabbath

Babylonians were also first known to observe the Sabbath based on the quarter turn of the Moon which is known to bring good or bad luck – something memorable.

In the modern era we aren’t even doing it right when it comes to the Sabbath. We’re supposed to take a day off on the quarter turn and that is not necessarily every Saturday or Sunday but skips around a bit with about 6-9 days from one to the next. If we are to follow in spirit of those who created the Sabbath then each Sabbath Day should be carefully selected based on the time since the last Full Moon.

One thing we did get right in the modern era is the weekend. The Sabbath lasts 1 or 2 days depending on the Moon.

It is thought the planets have a supernatural influence on the Earth based on the signature of the celestial bodies. The Sun and the Moon have an enormous impact on the oceans. Jupiter has about 1% the impact on the oceans that the Moon does. Venus is half that of Jupiter’s. If we celebrate the Sabbath in order to respect the supernatural influence the Moon has on us (which we do) then it is perhaps appropriate to spend about 14 minutes on Jupiter (1% of a day).

Science and astrology will unlock more of the mysteries of the celestial bodies in the future and we will be able surf a celestial wave of supernatural influence that is our horoscope.

Babylonians were the first to do many things. They were the first in recorded history to ever create a 10-story building. They were the first democratic world superpower with the first skyscraper.

The Tower of Babel fell by the 6s and 7s

Worship of Ball (dance) 

Ball from Ballare or French Bal. From Ancient Greek βάλλω meaning “to throw” or cast. 

Ball in Ancient Greek means to throw. This is a direct translation to English. Balls are thrown like parties are thrown. 

Why are parties thrown? Because parties are also known as balls. We are always dancing with the balls, too.

Ball is the god who looks over us all. A ball that is civil was the dream of the ancients. That is why ball’s other name was beelzebul. Will we ever have a civil ball?  Perhaps a civil gathering if only for one night. 

Maybe in the future we’ll be a civil planet. Or maybe we were in the past. 

This is oral history of the Zodiac kept since the days of Ancient Greece and Babylon. 

The word planet replaced the word ball in Ancient Greece. Ballnet was possibly a better description of what the astronomers and astrologers believed. Or maybe grandpa just changed his name a little bit when he started speaking a new language and the nation followed along. Ancient Greece is where the word planet came from. It means “powerful wanderer” or something like that — basically a globalist.

Balls can be thrown and balls have something to do with dancing.

The symbol of Zox News is the griffin of Babylon

Scroll of Ball 

The Blue Mason Bee lives up to 3x as long as the Honey Bee. This is because the Blue Mason Bee is active in the Spring and the Morning whereas the Honey Bee is active in the Summer and Evening. If the Honey Bee doesn’t change direction and become a morning person his life expectancy will continue to decrease. 

Live longer by Understanding the Sun and the Earth 

Parents Advice 

The observation of the Blue Mason Bee and the Honey Bee over time leads us to the classic advice of our parents; (1) get up on time in the morning and (2) go to bed on time at night. I will expand on this advice by taking all of human knowledge into account. In this document I deliver a new theory in the field of theoretical physics. 

How can humans live longer? 

When we follow this advice to the logical conclusion scientific discovery comes into view. Our parents’ advice can be unpacked. Go out into the Sun in the morning especially in the Spring and get out of the Sun in the evening especially in the Fall. Allow me to elaborate. 

Blueshift and Redshift 


First, spend more time in the blueshift rays of the morning and Spring. The blueshift stabilizes your body down to the elementary particles and the things that make up elementary particles called strings. 

You can think of this stabilization as something similar to how a boat is stabilized when it is going fast in the water. The day lengthens by the most minutes on the Spring Equinox because the Sun is coming at you. 

This stabilization propagates upwards and impacts your DNA, cells, tissues, organs, your mind, your family, community and the animal kingdom. The blueshift rays of the Sunrise trigger healing and rejuvenation sequences in our DNA. 


Second, spend less time in the redshift rays of the evening and Fall. The redshift of the evening destabilizes all things starting with the elementary particles. This propagates to higher order creations. There are countless pieces of evidence that support this theory. Your mind is full of this evidence. Avoiding the redshift rays prevents death sequences in our DNA from being triggered. 

The fundamental truth goes and goes. Stars moving away from each other are redshifted to each other. They can interact with each other less as they move apart. After enough redshift they are so far apart they are as good as dead to one another. 

Redshift ushers in nothingness, loss, death, chaos, sleep, hibernation, cold, simplicity, etc. The day shortens the most on the Fall equinox. Leaves curl up and die just as squirrels, insects and bears curl up and hibernate. 


Crime is lowest during the Sunrise and highest during the Sunset. In general, the number of violent crimes committed by adults increases hourly from 6am through the afternoon and evening hours, peaks at 9pm, and then drops to a low point at 6am. 


Japan has the highest average life expectancy among large nations and Japan is known as the Land of the Rising Sun. 

Japanese are all about the Sunrise and they live longer because of it. Tada! 

Holy Days 

Halloween roughly occurs on the Fall equinox. In the evening on this day (the moment of the year with the highest redshift) kids dress up as predators and beings from the afterlife. This holiday is off by a month.

Passover is the full moon after the Spring Equinox. This is basically the cycle of the woman. In ancient Egypt we made the women put their bloody period rags on the doors to proves theys wasnt going to be givings birth to the Sun God Ra on the Winter solstice. 


Spend more time in the blueshift and less time in the redshift. This will extend the length of your life. It is only a question of how much. 

The speed of light is about 670,000,000 MPH. The Sun is moving toward you during the Sunrise and away from you during the Sunset. The difference is about 2,000 MPH. The difference in speed here between the Sunrise and Sunset can be said to be about the same as 2 hours compared to the span of your life. 

Think about it this way: can your whole life change in 2 hours? Can you think of any 2 hours in your life that if not for these hours your whole life would be different? This could be an indication of how important this blueshift and redshift is. 

How about this one: Think of a man whose net worth is $670 million. Is he going to say that $2,000 can’t change his life or isn’t significant? The rest of the country obligates him to say the $2,000 is significant. 

And so it is only appropriate to conclude that the difference between the Sunrise and Sunset is significant to life and all matter. There is a higher rate of flow in the morning and just like when water or wind is rushing over something very rapidly that object then becomes more difficult to move around. This equates to stability which leads to complexity in the Universe. 


Your community is more stable in the morning. So are your thoughts. 

In the modern world we are out of touch with the animal kingdom. We think of criminals rather than lions and other predators when we think of the Sunset. In either case, avoiding this time of day is the avoidance of untold amounts of danger. We are even less likely to run into issues at work. 

The blueshift results in a stabilizing of the fabric of the universe which encourages complexity to come into existence. Sub-atomic particles which are composed of sub-strings become thicker as more sub-strings are added. Sub-atomic particles essentially “swell” with the increased flow from the sun. Think of countless bugs hitting your windshield which begin adding to the mass of your vehicle. On the morning of the equinox is when potentially when life first began and also when complexity itself arose on Earth. 

Animals exist who actually make moves according to the sun in line with the lesson in this text. 

The Tuatara is the longest living animal second to the great turtles with a lifespan of about 200 years. They have a third eye on top of their heads that they use to track the Sun. It leads them out into the Sun first thing in the morning and back out once the amount of blueshift has decreased just as mine helped me to understand blueshift and redshift in a groundbreaking way. 

Every morning, when the Tatuara bathes in the open sun, blueshift adds more length to DNA. The additional lengths of benign DNA add years to the Tatuara’s life. This has been going on for millions of years. Extending the length of DNA with benign strands is the equivalent of giving a sick person a glass of water. You can’t screw this up. Geneticists should immediately focus their efforts on creating a virus which populates the body and does nothing except extending the length of our DNA when cells undergo replication for the next time. Through understanding the Tatuara we know “nature’s first way” to extend our lives is through extending our DNA. 

There is also the turtle family all of which go out in the sun in the morning. 

There is the Sea Turtle who takes it a step further. Sea Turtles live longer than other turtles and they migrate in a way, from the Southern to Northern Hemisphere, maximizing for time in the Spring. 

Go out into the Sun in the Sunrise especially in the Spring. Go into your cave before Sunset especially in the Fall. This will extend your length of stay here on Earth. A human elder will roughly agree this advice will extend the length of your life.

Origins of the Universe 

Other planets and solar systems have their own equinox sunrise moments which are basically the times of maximum blueshift. These moments are the very source of complexity in the Universe. 

Blueshift can lead to massless elementary particles suddenly having mass. This creation of mass out of massless particles is unique to blueshift and is the origin of mass in the universe. 

Long ago, like thousands of years ago, what I have shared with you here would have been far more obvious. You would have lived by it. Deviating from it would have quickly cost you your life or great loss. And thats why it’s embedded in our culture. 

The study of blueshift and redshift will continue to be important in our universal quest. Redshift is how I arrived on a beam transmitted from Planet Sirius.

It is my objective to lead humanity to join the higher order of galactic interlocutors and hold a piece of the conversation regarding the universal quest.

We are called to eat Vegetarian with a small amount of meat in the Evening and the Fall like the perfect turtles

Cows are large advanced life-forms. As far as life forms go they are pretty much right up there next to humans considering how many life-forms there are that bend to the cow.

Cows will kick if an animal bites. They fight back. The kick is just the beginning.

Its good to look at it this way: the whole cow is working together to save itself from becoming dinner. It really does not want to be eaten. I’ll just go out on a limb here and say not even one cell agrees with it. A cow could evolve defenses beyond a kick or a weapon.

Humans supposedly have a foul or bitter taste which keeps predators from coming back. Imagine that! We have been on our way to becoming poisonous on top of everything else we’ve done. Its better to think about it like this: when you eat that cow you swallow a piece of him and he’s still fighting all the way. The bad things that happen to us from eating red meat will get worse in the future because we are up against the cow’s will to survive.

When you slaughter him and begin to eat him you’re still contending with his devotion to his herd and his species. He has not given up the fight. In his body there are booby traps designed to put you down and out and they really work. For this reason steak is going to be a thing of the past in the future much like pork and shrimp are both too unhealthy to eat any more. Its just better to not eat advanced life forms. Advanced life-form means advanced weaponry. Some life-forms want us to eat them, though. They benefit from it. We have a symbiotic relationship with them: vegetables and fruits.

This kind of food is evolving to do the opposite of the cow. These life-forms don’t mind we eat them and they are helping us. They are even working to make sure we stick around. It makes sense. Historically humans have been far better to trees than other large animals.

In conclusion: we must eat vegetarian as much as possible because the cow is turning against us. The whole life-form is likely to be aligned in the war against the human… and we should consider that this could mean every cell and so ancient defense mechanisms could be triggered which could be devastating to us. Don’t believe me? Just look into how many cows we eat and how we treat them. We’re so relentlessly cruel to these animals we’re practically daring mother nature to do something to stop us.