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Politics7 months ago

China Slams Australia’s ‘Troublemaking And Selfish’ People

China urged certain Australian politicians to ‘shake off the Cold War mentality’ Home Affairs Secretary Mike Pezzullo declared the ‘drums...

Politics7 months ago

Have Aliens Already Visited Us?

One scientist claims aliens have already visited us and we should invest more in searching for extraterrestrials. Avi Loeb is...

Politics7 months ago

Millennials Commit Less Crime Than Past Generations

Crime has dropped since 1990, but not for the reasons some might think, according to a new study. The research...

Politics7 months ago

Intolerance Links Extremist “Red” and “Blue” Brains

An aversion to uncertainty is often associated with black-and-white political views, according to a new study. Since the 1950s, political...

Politics7 months ago

Swastikas Found on Trail Near Nebraska University

Swastikas reportedly were found on the pavement of a bike trail near the University of Nebraska-Lincoln on May 28. The...

Politics7 months ago

Number of Jews in Europe falls to 1,000-year low

New research from the London-based Institute for Jewish Policy Research puts the Jewish population of the continent, including Britain, Russia,...

Politics7 months ago

Poland, South Africa, Ukraine and Hungary Top List of Most anti-Semitic Countries

Anti-Semitic attitudes have also strengthened in Poland, South Africa and Ukraine since 2015, U.S. watchdog finds; Sweden fared best in...

Politics7 months ago

An Honest Look at Blowing Trees By Nebraska Governor Pete Ricketts

The big marijuana industry grew to $13.6 billion in 2019, and marijuana lobbyists are eagerly looking to cash in on...

Politics7 months ago

German Ghost Town in the Heart of China

Now that it is complete, though, nobody wants to live there. Oct. 15, 2011— — Half-timbered buildings and medieval romance...

Politics7 months ago

Nuclear Treaty Signed 7/7 Becomes International Law

On January 22, 2021, the Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons (TPNW) became international law for the 122 states...

Politics7 months ago

Opponents of the Nuclear Weapons Ban

It would seem a logical step, at least from an existential perspective: to ban something so utterly horrendous to life;...

Politics7 months ago

Do The Jews Control The World?

Our secret is out. The Jews control the world! We own the media. Politicians do our bidding. Wall Street is...

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